She is Korean artist who was born in Seoul. she does experimental work with photography, videography, installation and design the space to show them. she is interested in self-regards of member of society and develop it through relativity and undefinedness among people, combining various media to visualise the agenda.


 she has worked as a videographer and photographer, making artwork without any boundary and assortment, since 2010. she had lived in Seoul, Barcelona and now lives in Berlin. she had exhibitions in London and Berlin, and had participated in art market and had my own classes as a Korean handwriting artist in Korea.


 She does artwork to visualise her own memories and thoughts, and to try her best to just show as it is. Her artworks are based on undefinedness. She doesn’t like to define something and she always mentions ‘just as it as’ when she introduces her works. She says that stability and instability, being empty and being filled, are relative, so we cannot be perfectly not lonely and be stable. She thinks that the emotions that seem to be bad, like anxiety, depression, and loneliness are real basement of happiness. She wants to stay with these emotions naturally, not to get rid of it.


She says that there is no boundary between departments to create something. She thinks that art as an occupation and the terms that assort fields of art are pointless. She relishes introducing herself to someone, as a photographer, videographer occasionally, designer or writer at odd times. But she thinks that she has no job. She wants to keep artistic and creative life style, talk with people like her, and make fun projects.

2010 - present

2010 - present



Freelance photographer, videographer

Cinema Digital Seoul, 2010 , Seoul
English Newpaper ‘The Ewha Voice’, 2010-2012, Seoul
Association of Korean residents in Catalunya, Barcelona
Wow Book Festival, 2010 , Seoul
Korea Undergraduate Jazz Festival 2011, Seoul
Hi Seoul Festival, 2010, Seoul
Keum Art Project, 2017-2018, Berlin


Artistic group ‘Project D 612’

2013-Present, Seoul-Barcelona

[Project 01] Photography Postcard Edition

('Spain' edition, 'Only in BCN' edition, 'Europe' mini edition)

[Project 02] Korean Calligraphy Art (Product, Art market, Class)

[Project 03] Customised Photography

Art group 'The Corner Room Art'

2017-Present, Berlin



‘Emotional Reports’ Editor, 2013-2014, Seoul
‘Holden magazine’ Contributing Editor, 2013-2014, BCN
‘Bar&Dining’Contributing Photographer, 2016, BCN
‘Homify’ Freelance writer, 2015-2016, Berlin


Group Exhibition

Arternative Playground, Sep.2015, The Rag Factory London
Pancakes and Booze, Sep. 2015, Forum factory Berlin
Perfektes Wetter, Nov-Dec.2015, AM Gallery Berlin
Fantomoj, Oct.2016, UdK Berlin
Dialog, Collaborative performance, Sep.2017, The corner room art
Good friends, Video performance, Nov.2017, Kunstpunkt Berlin
Sun Sphere Reigns, Oct.2017, Anomalie Berlin
In Between, June.2019, im_Keller Münster


Solo Show

Selfie, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Past routine, 2017, Berlin, Germany

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